True Love

True Love

The perfect series for uncomfortable autumn evenings? "Modern Love" on Amazon Prime! Each of the eight completed episodes - all set in New York - goes straight to the heart! The series is based on the extremely popular New York Times column of the same name, which revolves around love in a variety of forms every week: from the missed and the rediscovered to the one between two friends. All stories are based on true events, the column is also available as a podcast.

Based on eight individual fates, "Modern Love" tells of great happiness, desperation, sadness, missed chances or even second chances. The cast is also great - there are a lot of great actors in the cast: Anne Hathaway, for example, plays a lawyer with bipolar disorder, Dev Patel the CEO of a dating app, comedian Tina Fey a wife in crisis and superstar Ed Sheeran a friendly homeless person. 

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