Marthas Book Club in September

Marthas Book Club in September

Not only for fans of the cult series "Big Little Lies": Nine Strangers, the new novel by bestselling author Liane Moriarty (Diana Verlag, 20 €). In this fast-paced story, five women and four men meet in a remote wellness hotel for 10 days. All of them are currently in a crisis and want a new life. As always with Moriarty, some dark secrets come to light in the course of the story. Very entertaining!

Ildikó from Kürthy's new work Es wird Zeit (It's About Time, 20 €) is also about big topics that move our hearts. Judith is almost 50, the children are out of the house, the marriage somehow through - and like so many, she asks herself the question: And what's next? Then her mother dies and Judith returns home. A stirring book about new beginnings, courage, farewells and hope, about getting older and perhaps also getting a little wiser. Really worth reading!

Finally, something for all fans of our dearest Brit chef Jamie Oliver, who is now devoting himself to vegetarian cooking. In his latest cookbook Veggies (Dorling Kindersley, €26.95) he reveals 116 delicious vegetable recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, from stuffed curry eggplants to spinach pancakes. Super yummy!

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